ALC Beach

ALC Beach is the neighborhood beach of Auldwood, Lanark, Chesterfield, and Ocean Drive North.

ALC Beach is a private association. Membership is limited to residents on the four streets that make up the neighborhood, along with six houses on Shippan Avenue that are within the ALC area.

How to get your email address @

Send an email to and put REQUEST ALC EMAIL ADDRESS in the subject.

Provide the following info:

  • Your name and phone number

  • Email address requested (usually first initial plus last name, but can be something else if you prefer)

  • Please state that you agree to be solely responsible for all use of the email account

  • Do you want your ALC email address to be

    • a send-and-receive address (using gmail or POP/SMTP)

    • or simply a forwarding address (sends mail on to your regular email address)

    • or both?

When your account has been set up, you will receive an email giving instructions how to access it.