Beach Rules

ALC Beach Rules

Revised May 17, 2014 - with private use document added May 2, 2022

The purpose of these rules is to provide a pleasant and enjoyable beach for all families. Usage of the beach should be in a manner that allows all to enjoy the property, is safe, does not damage the property or equipment, and does not impose upon the immediate neighbors of the beach. Please review the rules and keep them in mind when you, your children and guests use the beach.


1. Beach is open only to ALC members, their children and invited guests.

2. All guests must be accompanied by an ALC member while using the beach and must abide by all ALC rules.

3. Activities on the beach are limited to the following hours:

a. Activities may not start before 9:00 am and must cease by 11:00 pm (no exceptions).

b. Beach quiet hours are between 11:00 pm and 9:00 am

c. Lawn games and basketball court games may not start before 9 am and must stop when streetlights come on or at 9:00 pm, which ever is first.

4. Parents/guardians are responsible for their children at all times. In particular children may not:

a. Play on or access the seawall or storm water outlet.

b. Play, access or enter the immediate neighbors' properties from the ALC beach property.

5. Trash is not to be left on the property. Trash should be removed or disposed of in the provided bins. Trash from events/parties is to be disposed of off the beach.


6. Pets (leashed or otherwise) are not allowed on the beach.


7. Equipment (swing set, monkey bars and basketball court etc.) should be used in a safe manner and only for the purpose for what they are intended.

8. Games using hard balls (such as baseball, softball, tennis, golf or lacrosse etc.) are not permitted.

9. All games must be undertaken in a manner that does not intrude upon the enjoyment of others or damage the property.


10. Swimming should be within the swim marker zone and is at your own risk.

11. Swim float should be used in a safe manner and is at your own risk.

12. If Stamford public beaches are closed, then so is the ALC Beach.


13. Boats up to 14 feet long, without fixed mast or motors, may be stored upon the beach during summer months. Storage is on the seawall side of the beach. Vessels must be secured to the provided chain when not in use. The owner's name and address must appear on the vessel for identification purposes.

14. During winter (November 1st to May 1st) all vessels must be removed from the beach. Vessels left will be treated as abandoned.

15. Vessels should be operated in a safe manner, with consideration for any swimmer(s) within the swim marker zone. Powered vessels, by law, may not access the swim marker zone at any time.


16. ALC Members may hold events on the property, subject to the following:

a. No event may impede the usage of the beach by other ALC Members.

b. ALC Member must be present at the event and may not "sponsor" events in absentia for non-members.

c. Events involving 10 to 40 persons need prior approval from the ALC President.

d. Events involving 40 or more persons shall be limited to 1 per year (subject to the discretion of the ALC Board) and require prior approval from the ALC Board. In the case of multiple requests, priority will be given to ALC Members who have not previously requested an event involving 40 or more persons.

e. All events need to comply with the following requirements, to be arranged by the ALC Member responsible for the event:

i. Equipment (i.e. tent(s), tables, chairs, etc.) must be approved prior to placement.

ii. Breakable items (glass, china etc.) may be used with caution. All breakage needs to be removed immediately.

iii. Amplified music must be limited and cease by 10.30pm or upon the complaint of a neighbor.

iv. Event shall end by 11pm (no exceptions) and guests should leave the beach promptly.

v. Trash needs to be removed from the beach at the end of the event. ALC does not provide trash disposal facilities for events.

vi. All equipment needs to be removed as soon as possible but no later than 48 hours after an event.

There are additional rules for private use events, and a form that must be filled out.
See the
PDF document of ALC beach private use rules, dated 5/2/2022,
and the
PDF Agreement for the Provision of Goods and Services, dated 5/2/2022.

17. For events of 40 plus persons the following requirements are to be arranged by the ALC Member responsible for the event:

a. Portable toilet(s) must be provided.

b. A Stamford police officer must be on duty for the entire party.

18. Minors may hold events subject to the following:

a. Two adult chaperones must be in attendance at all times, one of whom shall be an ALC Member.

b. No Alcohol may be served or consumed.

Good Neighbor Considerations

1. Don't know the person on the beach? Ask them and determine if they are allowed (i.e. [new] resident/whose guest are they?). If they shouldn't be on the beach, ask them to leave - the public beach is just down the block.

2. Drivers of vehicles should obey all traffic rules (Note: the local speed limit is 20 mph) and be vigilant within the neighborhood - remember children and others don't necessarily see or hear you.

3. Clean up after your animal - it's the law!

4. Weekends (for most) are rest times; please refrain from using power equipment (i.e. lawn movers, blowers etc.) before 8.30 a.m.